Could we have a drum roll , please? We are delighted to announce the finalists of the QCF 2020 Photo Challenge #focusonkindenss !

Our judging panel was tasked with the mighty mission of finding five unforgettable photos that depicted kindness … and they did not disappoint.  Our 2020 judges were Simon Gaites from Northern Trust, Margo Powell from QUT, Michelle Kearney from QIC and Channel 7 newsreader and journalist Sharyn Ghidella who all had unique viewpoints and yet somehow managed to reach consensus after some lively discussion.

“I thoroughly enjoyed being on the Judging Panel of the QCF 2020 Photo Challenge,” said Margo. “So inspired by the quality of the photo submissions and the depth and breadth of the stories behind them that responded to the ‘kindness’ theme.”

The Winner will be announced at Parliament House on Monday 7th September and will receive a $500 prize and the pleasure of a $2,000 donation to the charity of their choice courtesy of our corporate partner Northern Trust but until then it gives us great pleasure to unveil our fabulous five finalists, in alphabetic order.

School CareTitle: School Care

Photographer: Helen Commens

In support of: Drought Angels




Always look your bestTitle: Always Look Your Best

Photographer: Jannine McFarlane

In support of: Youngcare





Happy Friendship

Title: Happy Friendship

Photographer: Keren Mcsweeney

In support of: RSPCA




Wominjeka - welcome!Title: “Wominjeka” Welcome!

Photographer: Anne Murray

In support of: Indigenous Literacy Foundation




The Soft and Gentle TouchTitle: The Soft and Gentle Touch

Photographer: Lauren Watson

In support of: Delta Therapy Dogs



Sharyn, who knows a thing or two about storytelling, told us afterwards:

“The focus for this year’s QCF Photo Challenge was kindness and selecting one image that captured that,  among the many outstanding entries, was no easy feat.

A good photo, to me, is one that tells a story.. you feel something when you see it.. it’s an image you don’t easily forget… and so many of the entries this year certainly met the brief.

Congratulations to all who entered and for showing kindness in the midst of the pandemic. The impact of your photos is evident, for all to see.”

We second that!