QCF’s Photo Challenge is designed to bring photographers and non-profit organisations together to tell their stories and share their work.  The impact of the photographs and the stories they tell enhance awareness of issues affecting Queenslanders.

Using the power of photography to reflect philanthropy in Queensland, Queenslanders were challenged to capture a moment of philanthropy, kindness, generosity, compassion, thoughtfulness, benevolence or giving.

2018 saw a record response to the QCF Photo Challenge with fifty-three submissions. We are pleased to feature the shortlisted entries and congratulate Jamie Robertson on being awarded the judges’ choice.

Judges’ Choice

Title of Work:  Compassion

Name of Subject:  (L-R) Aliyya Latham, Terri Waller, Amma Reed

Submitted By:  Jamie Robertson

Photo Essay:  This image speaks of hope, support, love and loss during an emotional moment shared by three indigenous women who work at Deadly Espresso café, a social enterprise initiative run by SevGen. It was captured after the woman on the right spoke passionately about her love for her Aboriginal culture and heritage. What followed was a spontaneous outpouring of emotion, captured in the instant by Jamie Robertson. The compassion, depth of feeling and shared humanity make this an outstanding photograph.

Shortlisted Entries

Title of Work:  Share the Dignity

Submitted By:  Amber Pace, Social Media Photographers

Photo Essay: Small dignities make a big difference. Homeless women don’t have money for groceries, let alone pads and tampons. It might seem like a small detail, but having access to sanitary products matters, a lot. This photo, a young woman recently homeless, is one of a number which tell the complex story of women on the streets. Share the Dignity brings dignity to homeless, at-risk and those experiencing domestic violence through the distribution of sanitary items and funding of funerals.

Title of Work:  Always Ministering

Name of Subject:  Arthur Fellows

Submitted By:  Margaret Jolly, Margaret Jolly Consulting

Photo Essay:  This is a story of compassion and kindness. A 95-year-old priest revisits Oakey, where his children were born, and where he had been the parish priest. He visits people he had baptised, confirmed and married. One was in a nursing home, barely conscious. Even though her eyes were closed he spoke to her of his wife, and her husband now both deceased. He said a prayer. Her eyes were closed, but she reached out her hand to the priest’s, and held it while he gave her a blessing. She understood. It was a very special moment.

Title of Work:  Unconditional Love

Name of Subject:  Angela and Lucy

Submitted By:  Angela Meehan, Devoted 2 Dachshund Rescue

Photo Essay:  Angela loves dachshunds and she loved Lucy. While working for Devoted 2 Dachshund Rescue, one dog came in for rehoming. Angela knew that Lucy, that dog, could never be rehomed. Her complex medical issues and dislike for cuddles meant no one would have her. So, Angela took Lucy home and cared for her for nearly two years. “Lucy was not an easy dog to look after,” Angela said. “She didn’t like cuddles, and she was very sick, but she let me cuddle her the day she passed away.” This is a photo from that day.

Title of Work:  Celebrating You

Name of Subjects:  Charlotte Davidson, Malcolm Middleton

Submitted By:  Sian Downey

Photo Essay:  Down syndrome is tough for parents. After Sian Downey’s child was born with Downs, she joined the Toowoomba and District Down Syndrome Support Group. And she gained a family. Every year, there’s a camp at Camp Duckadang. Every year, the volunteers from the Toowoomba West Lions club help at the camp. The special moment captured in this photograph tells the story of the dedication of the volunteers, and the delight of the children. He was asking her what cake she would like. What a response! Sian took the photo. “You can see the pure joy and excitement in her face at the choices, as well as the gentleness and kindness of the Lions volunteer,” Sian says. “It’s a photo that celebrates Down syndrome”.

Title of Work: Bounce to Breathe

Name of Subject: Olivia Wiggins

Submitted By: Tom Betts, Cystic Fibrosis Queensland

Photographer: Alberto Rego from Monte Rego Photography

Photo Essay: When six year-old Olivia climbs onto her trampoline, she’s not just jumping for fun. Olivia has cystic fibrosis and she bounces to breathe. Cystic fibrosis (CF) is characterised by thick, sticky mucus that damages the lungs. Fewer than half of children born with the condition, like Olivia Wiggins, will survive until their late 30s. There is no cure. Bouncing provides a vigorous respiratory workout, helping loosen the constant build-up of mucus, meaning fewer visits to hospital, and slower progression of the condition. The trampoline was donated by CF Queensland. Photographer, Alberto Rego donated his time.

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