Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) is distributing over $3 million to Queensland charities in 2020 offering support to charities that have been significantly impacted by the effects Covid-19 on their regular fundraising channels.

Over $3 million will be distributed including $500,00 in grants to grass roots causes assisting. with vital capacity building operations.

Our capacity building grants are designed specifically to assist charities to develop their structures, systems, people and skills in order to deliver improved outcomes for our community. Typically, capacity building focuses on education and training, recruiting, maintaining or recognising volunteers, information technology support systems, staff training, and planning and governance which may include strategic plans, constitution reviews or board appraisals.

“The QCF General Fund Grants provide charities with funding that helps build their capacity as an organisation, for projects that are often difficult to fund. We hope our grants have significant impact on charities’ overall capacity to do more, and allow core resources to remain focused on their program delivery,” said Tara Castle, General Manager of QCF.

Ms Castle continued “A donation to the QCF General Fund is the ultimate legacy gift that keeps giving and exemplifies the impact that charitable generosity can have over time, the QCF General Fund is a perpetual fund that will continue to help Queenslanders, their families and our environment in need now and for future generations.”

Donations or bequests to QCF are pooled and invested in perpetuity, with investment earnings providing an ongoing income stream distributed to charities through distributions and grants.

The Public Trustee of Queensland has been QCF’s Trustee since its inception in 1997 and is responsible for the administration, investment and distribution of funds.

The Public Trustee of Queensland and CEO, Samay Zhouand congratulated this year’s worthy recipients of the grants.

“The Public Trustee is proud to support QCF, both as a sponsor and as the Trustee of the Foundation. We congratulate all of the grant recipients and thank them for their commitment to support the community. We also thank the many generous Queenslanders who have contributed to QCF to make these grants to local charities possible.”

Donations and bequests to QCF help build the capital to create a valuable and sustainable grant program for the greater good of the community.

All contributions provide an enduring source of funding.  Donations are carefully managed by our Founding Sponsor QIC, prudently invested and the income distributed through a grant program to charities.

More than $28.8 million has been distributed by QCF throughout Queensland since its establishment in 1997.