Looking to help your clients achieve their charitable goals?

Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) is Queensland’s largest charitable foundation. We provide a secure and dependable philanthropic opportunity for generous people wanting to create a lasting benefit for their preferred charities or causes.

Importantly, your client’s money will not be spent on administrative costs, as there are no charges attached to setting up or having an established sub-fund with QCF. The support received from sponsors ensures this unique service can be provided.

Your clients can choose from a variety of ways to support their chosen charity or cause. Below are the giving options we have available:

There is no conflict of interest for you as you are not recommending a particular charity but a way of giving. Your clients can leave a gift in their will or they can start giving during their lifetime by establishing a sub-fund and seeing the benefits of their generosity.

Sub-funds are a cost effective option to setting up private foundations.

Suggested Will Clauses

Thank you to our Sponsors