• Perry Cross
  • Lilly Luhrmann

JOINT RECIPIENTS: Perry Cross AM, Lilly Luhrmann and Tina Worland

Perry Cross AM

As the only philanthropist and motivational speaker on 24 hours a day life support, Perry Cross is an example of bold and determined  leadership in philanthropy. The funds he has raised towards medical research and a cure for spinal cord injuries originated in his unique
individual experience and has increased through his resolute and unwavering efforts. The Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation has led to funding significant research projects that have the potential to changes lives as a direct result of his indomitable spirit.

Lilly Luhrman

Through jobs lost from shutdowns and ineligibility for JobKeeper, 19,000 international students living in Queensland were deemed at risk during COVID (Deloitte). Lilly Luhrmann stepped up to develop an appeal that has now become a $10 million Crisis Assistance Fund spread across Queensland universities and TAFE international student bursaries and a specially designed portal where internationals studying VET and ELICOS could apply for $500 grants. Lilly highlight how international students had fallen through the gaps of the Federal Government’s COVID-19 response in this multimedia campaign and financial appeal.

Tina Worland

Having had two children born deaf Tina has strived to give back financially and in kind by raising awareness about the Hear and Say Centre. She has volunteered working in many roles as a mentor/support for newly diagnosed families of children with a hearing impairment, lobbied for better services and treatment for children who are hearing impaired or have special needs.