Ian and Caroline Frazer

This award recognises an outstanding individual, family or family foundation with a proven record of exceptional financial generosity and leadership to one or more Queensland based non-profit organisations. The successful nominee will demonstrate leadership through their actions, have an established record of outstanding philanthropic support to a diversity of organisations, have demonstrated extraordinary civic and charitable responsibility and also inspire others.

Professor Ian Frazer AC and Caroline Frazer, nominated by The University of

Ian and Caroline Frazer’s leadership and philanthropic support has had an indelible impact on the Queensland community.
First and foremost, at the heart of all of their activities is education. In particular, their ongoing support of the arts has been critical in helping to maintain a generation of young artists in Queensland. They are passionate about discovering, educating and celebrating the next generation of talent.

Against a natural inclination to remain anonymous, the Frazer’s have seen the impact that publicising their support and mission has had on encouraging others to give. This is particularly evident through their leadership in The University of Queensland’s first major comprehensive philanthropic campaign where the pair have attracted over 30,000 gifts for a broad range of causes.

In addition, Ian’s advocacy for the health sector has had an undeniable impact on Queensland and the health of our state and nation. Most notably, his critical role in establishing the TRI which has grown to become a global leader in the effective translation of research and innovation.

Ian and Caroline have nominated Queensland Ballet as their charity of choice to receive the $2,000 donation sponsored by Anglo American.