This award recognises a corporation or business with more than 200 employees that has created a culture of philanthropy within their organisation and has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to philanthropy through its financial support of one or more non-profit organisations. It will also demonstrate leadership, encourage volunteer participation, have an established record of philanthropic support, be a business with a holistic approach to philanthropy, and have produced a measurable charitable impact.


Hutchies, an iconic Queensland construction company, is all heart with their core values very much embedded in the idea of investing in relationships, taking care of each other and the community, and working towards a common goal. Passionate about staying connected with their communities, giving back, and doing the right thing, Hutchies has provided support to charities and charitable causes for over 100 years and donates approximately $3 million per year.

Hutchies continuously innovates to address needs as they identify them. Recent innovations include:

  • Hutchinson Honey Bees – Hutchies is the only company in Australia promoting the establishment of urban bee hives on a national scale. Sustainability is key and Hutchies has stepped up to take responsibility for the social, economic and environmental implications of their work.
  • Statim Yaga – Hutchies is committed to building Indigenous careers in the construction industry. Through their Statim Yaga employment and training program, run in partnership with the Australian Federal Government, they have placed more than 350 candidates into employment since 2015. Hutchies is strongly aligned with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture, communities, businesses and individuals.
  • Second Shot – Hutchies recently bought a mobile coffee business called Second Shot which services their office and worksites. Second Shot employs homeless and disadvantaged people providing them with the opportunity to gain experience, support networks and financial stability.

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