Queensland charities are encouraged to apply for the Queensland Community Foundation General Fund grants which are now open for applications.

The grants are given to mid-tier charitable organisations promoting social cohesion and fostering community integration, primarily in the arts, the environment including but not limited to drought, and indigenous languages up to a maximum of $30,000.

The program looks at supporting organisational capacity building assisting charities develop their structures, systems, people and skills to deliver improved outcomes.

Typically, capacity building focuses on education and training, recruiting, maintaining or recognising volunteers, information technology support systems, and planning and governance which may include strategic plans, constitution reviews or board appraisals.

Each year the Board of Governors makes recommendation to the Trustee regarding the area of focus.

Donations and bequests to QCF for the General Fund are carefully managed and prudently invested to help build the capital of the Fund, with the income distributed to charities in Queensland through the grant program to create a valuable and sustainable source of funding for the greater good of the community.

Queensland Community Foundation is a perpetual sub-fund which preserves the donations it receives and distributes the income on investments.

Apply here, applications close 13 March 2019.