Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) was established under the trusteeship of The Public Trustee in 1997 by former Queensland Premier, The Honourable Mike Ahern AO.

Launched with 12 sub-funds and $300,000, QCF’s rapid business development was led by FIA-awarded Philanthropist of the Year, Mr Bryan Grehan. The first regional sub-funds on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts were established in 1997 and 1999, respectively.

QCF is a leading State and National trust fund providing an enduring income stream to charities. Comprising of a General Fund and a collection of sub-funds with monies contributed by charities, corporations, government agencies and individuals QCF supports charities to deliver sustainable services by promoting philanthropy, investing donated monies, distributing income earned and facilitating grants.

As Trustee of QCF, the Public Trustee is responsible for the administration, investment and granting of funds. In investing the donations and bequests made to QCF, the Public Trustee takes advice from QIC – one of Australia’s leading investment managers.

Donations are pooled and invested with the income distributed to eligible charities on an annual basis. QCF’s General Fund provides a dedicated granting program. These grants are currently targeted towards organisational capacity-building within eligible charitable organisations throughout the State to support the development of quality business practices.

Sponsored by The Public Trustee and QIC for operational activities, no donated funds are required for day-to-day administration. Consequently, all donated funds remain invested with the income distributed annually continuing to benefit the community long after the donor’s lifetime. Additionally, the Foundation’s Board of Governors comprises business, community and philanthropic leaders who give their time as a community service.

In 2005 the QUT Australian Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies was commissioned by QCF to identify the areas of need for non-profits seeking grants. The Philanthropy’s Future in the Smart State Report identified charities needed funds to support them improve their underlying core business activities. As a result, in 2007 QCF launched the first round of its ‘capacity-building’ grants, providing the opportunity to support organisations’ core functioning and optimise day-to-day operations.

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