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What is a sub-fund and how does it work?

A sub-fund can be established to support an eligible charity or charitable cause of preference.

Donating directly to a charity can mean your gift is limited to the amount you donate. With QCF, your generosity can help generations to come because donations are pooled and invested with income distributed annually for charitable purposes.

You can make an initial donation now and QCF will establish a sub-fund, or you can nominate QCF in your will and QCF will establish the sub-fund at the appropriate time.

To establish a named sub-fund a minimum amount will be required. Donations to existing sub-funds can be made at any time and are fully tax deductible.

By establishing a sub-fund through QCF, you will not have the expense or administrative burden of establishing and running a charitable foundation. When you donate to QCF, you are helping to provide long-lasting financial support for a charity, cause or region.

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