A Little Day Out will make a BIG difference to CF families on the Gold Coast and we are thrilled to be able to grant Cystic Fibrosis Queensland $2,000 to help out in a small way 🧡

Cystic Fibrosis Data Registry identified 88 sufferers living in the Gold Coast region with studies measuring high rates of depression and anxiety: 29% – 33% in children and adolescents and 33% among adults suffering cystic fibrosis.
Caregivers reported depression scores up to 35%. Importantly, psychological symptoms can affect decreased lung function, health related quality of life and adherence to treatment plans often resulting in more frequent hospitalisations and increased healthcare costs.

The A Little Day Out program will directly benefit 20 cystic fibrosis families and deliver some respite from living with cystic fibrosis for both the sufferer and their immediate care network – offering a little bit of hope and solace for those who need it most. 🌻