QCF Focus on Kindness Photo Challenge

Closing Date 26 June 2020

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  • 500 words max
  • Images submitted are to be a minimum of 2.0MB at 300DPI and in JPEG format.
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    1. The QCF Photo Challenge is open to Queensland residents and/or organisations operating in Queensland. 2. Copyright a. Entrants will retain copyright in their photograph. b. Each Entrant grants QCF a non-exclusive perpetual licence to use photograph images to promote QCF, including (without limitation) in both digital and print form and on the QCF website and through social media and publications. QCF will credit the photograph source where possible. c. QCF respects the privacy of entrants and will endeavour to prevent non-authorised reproduction of the image, but is not liable for any such reproduction. 3. Images submitted are to be a minimum of 2.0MB at 300DPI and in JPEG format. 4. A pre-selection process will take place from the entries to produce a shortlist for digital display in July. 5. Entrants whose photographs are selected as finalists for digital display will be notified. Unsuccessful entrants will not be notified. 6. Submissions must be comprised of a photo and a short written statement of a maximum of 500 words, and must include the photographer’s full name, contact details plus a title and short description of the location, context and date (month/year) the photo was taken. 7. QCF reserves the right to reject any submission based on quality, content or theme. All submissions will be reviewed for accuracy of information. Written statements may be edited for clarity. Accepted Photos will be posted on the QCF website. We will inform you by email when they have been posted. 8. Entry is online at https://qcf.org.au/photo_challenge 9. Judging will take place in July 2020. All decisions of the judges are final and are not subject to review. The winning entry will be announced in August and the entrant of the winning image will receive an invitation to attend an event if government restrictions allow. 10. The nominated charity must be a registered charity, with DGR status. QCF reserves the final decision to award the prize money to the chosen charity. 11. By submitting a photo in the challenge you agree to have read and understood the above terms and conditions. Submission of entries in this competition automatically constitutes the Entrant’s acceptance of all competition rules and authorisation from the subject. 12. Entries must be received by 26 June 2020.