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QCF’s 2015-16 grants round offered grants from the General Fund, regional sub-funds and the Keith Gay Charitable Fund.

Grants are made to a wide range of charitable organisations and vary in size and scope, but are all made in accordance with QCF’s grant making objectives and for the improvement of Queensland communities. Listed below are the outcomes of recent grants.

Common Ground

Project Title: Sustainable Families Project
Funding Source: QCF General Fund
Grant Amount: $30,000

Common Ground Queensland aims to create supportive housing solutions through effective public, private and community partnerships, with a vision to end homelessness in the communities in which they operate.

Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) gave a $30,000 grant towards the Sustainable Families Project, which sought to develop a service model, funding method and an approach to tracking the social impact of reducing the number of children placed in foster care or other out-of-home care.

The project has delivered a documented and costed model of supportive housing for vulnerable families that is evidence-based and responds to the local needs and conditions. The project also fostered a high-level of engagement from senior Government representatives who participated in discussions regarding a pilot project for the model.


Project Title: Sustainability under NDIS for the Ipswich Community
Funding Source: QCF General Fund
Grant Amount: $28,660

FOCAL is committed to actively supporting people with disabilities, their families and carers, through high quality, flexible service delivery and authentic advocacy within Ipswich and the surrounding community.

A $28,660 grant from Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) enabled FOCAL to strengthen its position in the disability sector. FOCAL used the funding to engage an external consultancy organisation to prepare the Board, staff and clients for the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

QCF’s grant facilitated strategic development for key stakeholders within FOCAL through information sessions, one-on-one training and printed materials regarding the NDIS. The project benefitted more than 60 staff members and 200 participants by greatly improving their awareness of the NDIS.

The grant was also used to purchase new resources and tools.

Down Syndrome Association Queensland

Project Title: The New DSAQ
Funding Source: QCF General Fund
Grant Amount: $24,545.45

Down Syndrome Association of Queensland (DSAQ) builds community awareness and supports, empowers and advocates for people with Down Syndrome, with a mission to help them take their rightful place as valuable and contributing members of their communities.

Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) gave DSAQ a grant of $24,545 to make the structural transition from an association to a company limited guarantee. This change was necessary for the organisation to continue to provide critical support and services, and become sustainable in an increasingly competitive environment.

DSAQ used the grant to formulate and enact a modified plan for a way forward. They appointed a Business Development Officer to oversee the transition from an incorporated organisation run by parents to a company limited guarantee run by a board of professionals. The structural change enabled DSAQ to develop more robust business plans and practices, and opened up the path for professional input into decision-making for the organisation. The grant allowed all 600 members to feel more invested in the new DSAQ.

HeartKids Queensland

Project title: Safe Support – First Aid Training
Funding Source: QCF General Fund
Grant Amount: $5,970

HeartKids Queensland aspire to a life unaffected by Childhood Heart Disease (CHD). The organisation provides high quality, caring support, information and advocacy, and gives hope by driving world-class research.

Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) gave HeartKids Queensland a $5,970 grant for their Safe Support project, which aimed to deliver first aid training to staff and volunteers who are responsible for hosting respite and support programs to children with CHD.

This project trained 11 HeartKids Queensland staff members and volunteers in First Aid care for children, and enabled the team to purchase eight First Aid kits for regions throughout the state. The HeartKids Queensland team is now better prepared to administer potentially lifesaving first aid.

LifeFlight (previously Careflight)

Project Title: Strap and Grab
Funding Source: QCF’s Sunshine Coast Regional Sub-Fund
Grant Amount: $3,000

LifeFlight is a rapid response community rescue helicopter service which has saved over 1,400 lives in the past year, of which 242 were on the Sunshine Coast.

LifeFlight received a $3,000 grant from Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) to purchase vital lifesaving equipment for the Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg bases, to supersede equipment already in use. The Patient Rescue Harness is used in lifesaving winch operations. It assists the crew in bringing patients safely inside the helicopter with minimal distress.

The grant has allowed LifeFlight to purchase these harnesses, enabling safer and more comfortable and efficient rescues. The risk of patient and aircrew injuries is reduced, and the harnesses increase patient manoeuvrability.

The Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg bases now have the most up-to-date equipment available to maintain LifeFlight’s impeccable safety record.

Lifeline Darling Downs

Project Title: Flexi-School
Funding Source: QCF’s Toowoomba and Darling Downs Community Foundation Regional Sub-Fund
Grant Amount: $9,000

Lifeline Darling Downs is a community-based organisation engaging with individuals, families and communities to develop their skills and resilience to facilitate positive change.

Queensland Community Foundation (QCF) gave a $9,000 grant to facilitate Lifeline’s Flexi-School project. The Intergenerational Mentoring Hub offers independent, one-on-one mentoring for ‘at risk’ young adults who are completing their senior phase of learning. The project supports and guides students through road blocks that may be stopping them from achieving their future goals.

Lifeline Darling Downs used QCF’s grant for a complete fit-out of the new Flexi-School premises. This included chairs, tables, cooking equipment, and other essential facilities for the Flexi-School students and mentors to use. Lifeline Darling Downs now has effective and useful resources which allow them to pursue their mission of strengthening communities and empowering people.

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