2016 Grant Recipients

2016 Grant Recipients 2017-05-04T13:41:17+00:00

QCF awarded grants from the General Fund with a continued focus on the importance of organisational capacity building. Building capacity continues to be a key area of need identified by charities seeking grants, and each year requests for support in this area continue to grow.

The 2016 grant round focussed on small-to-medium charitable organisations delivering programs addressing domestic violence and substance abuse (preferred focus on ice addiction) issues.

QCF offered 10 grants to small-to-medium charitable organisations seeking to build organisational capacity in order to comply with federal and state government funding reforms. These reforms require organisations to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of services to be more responsive to client needs. While it may not be headline-grabbing, capacity building in this area is absolutely vital. Assisting organisations to meet their regulatory requirements and operate more efficiently enables them to achieve their core mission of helping those in our community.

  • Aunties and Uncles Queensland – Project Evaluation $30,000
  • Domestic Violence Prevention Centre Gold Coast Inc. – Data Collection Review and Response Project $30,000
  • DrugARM Australasia Ltd – Systems Upgrade & Training – Countering Domestic Violence and ICE Addiction $25,000
  • Fresh Hope Association Inc – Fresh Hope’s Capacity Building in Preparation for Accreditation $28,942
  • Lives Lived Well – Capacity Building to Improve Outcomes – Lives Lived Well $18,600
  • Micah Projects – Improving Frontline Domestic Violence Services at The Brisbane Domestic Violence Service $30,000
  • Orange Sky Laundry Inc – Specialised Volunteer Recruitment and Training $30,000
  • Women’s Legal Service – Institutional Capacity Building through Strategic Media Engagement $25,500
  • Y-Care (South East Queensland) Inc –  Measuring Useful Social Impact Changes (MUSIC) $13,200
  • yourtown – Advocating Accurately $45,000

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